Friday, December 16, 2011

OPI Nicki Minaj Swatches (Picture Heavy)

I was chatting with a friend last night when she says, "OPI Nicki Minaj is on ebay!". It was last at night so as soon as I woke up this morning I called one of my supply shops and sure enough, it was in. I made the 1 hour drive and picked up the collection!

This collection consists of 5 new colors and a new shatter shade. There are 3 cremes and 2 glitters. My honest opinion is that besides the 2 glitters, I'm unimpressed, I expected more, especially from OPI. The promo pictures as they are most of the time were inaccurate on the glitters. The first one even almost depicted Pink Friday as a holo! The cremes are uninspired, they almost reminded me of the Shrek colors and they were definitely not the one coat cremes I thought they'd be.

Here's a picture of the display that I got along with 2 of each color in the collection.

Moving on to the individual colors I'll start with the cremes. The first is the lime green, "Did it On 'Em", when I saw this it immediately reminded me of "Fiercely Fiona" from the Shrek collection. Unfortunately though, I can't compare since I don't have that color myself, it looks as though it might be a middle between that and "Who the Shrek Are You?". The following pictures are with 2 coats.

 Next up is "Pink Friday", a light creme pink. I don't own anything like it but that's not saying much because I don't own many pinks, seems like there might already be colors like this one out there though. This is again with 2 coats.

"Fly" is an aqua blue that is showing a little greener in these pictures, the last picture taken outdoors captured the color accurately. When I saw this I expected it to be extremely creamy but again this took 2 coats as it's definitely too sheer with one. Even with the 2 you could still detect the whites of my nails so for some it might possibly be a 3 coater.

Finally off to something a little more different. "Metallic 4 Life" was the color I was most looking forward to from this collection and I was kind of dissapointed. Although it is quite pretty it just wasn't what I expected. The promotional shots are always so misleading and to me it just looked different.  This has a sheer black base with silver glitter and multi sized silver hexagon glitter. It applied well and covered surprisingly good in 2 coats.

"Save Me" came out of the sidelines for me, again, the promo pictures made me imagine something completely different and this was an extremely pleasant surprise. This is definitely more of a layering polish but I just love it! It's silver glitter with holographic bar glitter and I don't have anything like it. Here it is in 3 coats.

This collection also came out with a new shatter color. "Super Bass Shatter", it's a magenta purple that well, shatters. I'm personally kind of over the crackle thing but I know there will be people loving this. I layered it over "Save Me" and it might not have been the best choice to show off the effect but it's the last color I tried on.

Overall I love Save Me and I really like Metallic 4 Life, besides that, yes the colors are nice, but they were nothing I absolutely need in my collection.


  1. I agree, nothing really exciting except maybe for Metallic 4 life; then again there many similar polishes out there. Thanks for the swatches!

  2. The Metallic 4 Life reminds me of the silver OPI ulta exclusive so that is a no go... The bar glitter is pretty but I am not a bar glitter girl... The rest of the collection, not excited about at all...

  3. Your swatches are fantastic!
    I've tagged you for the Liebster Blog Award. YOu can pick it up here:

  4. Now I want Pink Friday even more, baby pinks with only 2 coats formula are just a must have. :)