Wednesday, June 15, 2011

OPI Mermaid's Tears Dupe

Okay so I went to Rite Aid today and ran into the Sinful Colors Adventure Island collection (which i had seen before but never really paid attention). Well, I paid attention today, and it's a total dupe of the OPI Pirates of the Carribean Collection!  Any who, I picked up what looked like the dupe for OPI's Mermaid's Tears (Open Seas), as well as the "Seaweed" (what looks like "Skull and Crossbones") and "Adventure Island" (looks like "Stranger Tides"). So I decided to swatch Mermaid's Tears and Open Seas side by side for a real comparison.

Here's the whole collection (there's 8 colors whereas OPI Pirates has 6)

And now for the comparison!

At that point, I was going to do some silver shatter over it but then decided to do some silver shatter-like stamping using BM 208 and Sally Hansen Insta Dri in Silver Sweep.



  1. Can you show us a comparison of the Stranger Tides dupe?

  2. I would love to Aly! And I totally would if I had Stranger Tides but unfortunately I don't. I'll go ahead and swatch it anyways :)

  3. can you compare the two polish?? Is sinful colors just as good as OPI and if not, what's the pro's and cons of the two? thanks